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    Secure IT, Automate IT, Deploy IT.
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    Creative Solutions
    CyberWorx is dedicated to improving your business IT needs.

Our Services

CyberWorx is a small business of experienced technologists, architects, and engineers who are passionate about designing and delivering the most cost effective, secure, and functionally efficient solutions to address our customers’ most challenging problems. Our team specializes in:

Cyber Security

In August 2023 a cyber attack cripled a large US healthcare provider with impact to operations across five different states. Critical services were interrupted with some services offline for multiple days. Infrastructure and data security has never been more more in focus for businesses at every scale.

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Generative AI

Generative AI, a subcategory of AI, has recently reached a state of maturity that clearly demonstrates the potential to augment and supplant tasks previously performed by humans. The public release of the Generative AI Chat GPT Large Language Model (LLM) ...

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Cloud Computing

Over the past decade cloud computing technologies have matured and expanded rapidly throughout the industry. Cloud computing has achieved a demonstrable cost benefit to organizations based upon the reduction of computing costs achieved through …

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Automated Deployment

Are you still wondering what will happen if you change a line of code within your (Infrastructure-as-Code) codebase? Are you utilizing DevOps principles to managing your IaC codebase and do you have a Low-Stack test environment? If you are asking yourself these types of questions...

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About Us

CyberWorx is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) established in 2008 and focused on providing expert consulting services to solve the most complex challenges facing our clients. CyberWorx has supported a wide range of highly technical efforts throughout the past 15 years providing lead architecture and systems engineering support to federal government and commercial customers.

What we do?

We pride ourselves on developing with cutting edge technologies to securely deploy and maintain any IT infrastructure. With years of experience, we can quickly take any infrastructure to the cloud, hybrid approach, or on-premises.

Why we do this?

We want to leave a lasting positive impact on our customer's organizations, our community, and our country. We strive to better ourselves every day. We want to take on tough Cyber Security problems. We want to protect our country interest within Cyber Space.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our service offerings or would like to schedule a meeting with CyberWorx, please contact us.


Interested in working with a progressive small business to deliver world class technology consulting service in any domestic or international market? If you have complementary service offerings and would like to explore potential teaming opportunities with CyberWorx, please contact us.

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