Big Data and Analytics

CyberWorx Big Data and Data Analytics Services

Whether it is understanding existing phenomenon at a higher level of fidelity or identifying an emerging trend, every business can gain value from deeper insight into their data. The key to unlocking the rich potential of your data requires an analytical platform which can be rapidly customized to the needs of your unique data. At CyberWorx we are developing a flexible analytics platform capable of ingesting diverse data sets, implementing a custom analytical framework, and visualizing the results of analytical computation. Our analytics platform leverages the best of breed open source components to deliver a low-cost Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) cloud solution which serves as a demonstration environment to rapidly prototype and deploy your unique analytics. Our approach to analytics engagements involves five phases: deployment of the analytics platform, design and operations training on the analytics platform, development of custom analytics, optimization of your new analytics demonstration environment, and strategy development for near-term evolution of your customized analytics platform.

Our Approach To Analytics Development

As a first step in analytics engagements, our engineers will constitute a private customer owned analytics demonstration environment that can flexibly scale to address the volume and diversity of your data sets. Once constituted, our team works hand in hand with your technical staff to comprehensively review the design, directly injecting intellectual capital into your organization. Your team is provided comprehensive training on the design patterns, functional operation, optimization strategies, and management of the analytics platform. Then we use our unique “data driven design” process to facilitate the development of unique analytics which provide increase the scope and value of services provided to internal and external customers. Finally, we create an optimization strategy that will allow your environment to scale to meet increased patterns of demand and evolve to provide new analytic capabilities.

At the completion of our analytics engagements, you will have fully internalized analytical capability unique to your organization and market focus. Custom analytics create a re-occurring value stream. As IT infrastructure investment costs are driven down by the economies of scale introduced by cloud, the bar for Return on Investment (ROI) realized through custom analytics continued to be lowered. As the ROI horizon draws near, the cumulative return profile over the life cycle of the analytic continues to increase.