Cyber Security

CyberWorx Cyber Security Services

In August 2023 a cyber attack cripled a large US healthcare provider with impact to operations across five different states. Critical services were interrupted with some services offline for multiple days. Infrastructure and data security has never been more more in focus for businesses at every scale. At CyberWorx we have over 30 years of combined industry experience addressing the most pressing security challenges your organization faces. Our approach to Cyber Security integrates best practices into the system and software development life cycle. Tight integration of security engineering methodologies ensures that the baseline posture of your IT infrastructure is fortified against the multitude of cyber threats that exist in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. Modern cloud design patterns have evolved to facilitate a high degree of functional isolation where cloud services are delivered from a standard Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) operating system (OS) container. Functional isolation as a design tenet enables clear definition of access control, event monitoring, and aperture management mechanisms. Our engineers possess deep expertise in Agile System Development (ASD) methodologies and work directly with technical staff within your organization to constitute a secure build process that serves as the foundation to evolve your critical operational capabilities.

Adapting to the Evolving Security Trends

While the importance of CyberSecurity cannot be denied, the steps necessary to improve the security posture of an organization can be anything but clear. Threats are evolving rapidly and the complexity of IT ecosystems is growing exponentially. Basic principles such as integrating security into the engineering process provide a stable foundation, but are not adaptive. As open-source proliferates, so do the frequency and feasibility of zero-day attacks. Now more than ever your organization needs to build the capacity to adapt to changing network dynamics in real-time.

Maintaining an adaptive posture is paramount to the success of your organization. Adaptivity combines the descriptive and diagnostic analytical capabilities to prescribe courses of action in response to anomalous behavior. The characterization of behavior patterns and the appropriate response deliver a prescriptive analytic capability. At CyberWorx, we understand that the workflows of an organization are unique and prescriptive analytics must be tailored to the unique operations construct of an organization. Our cloud computing and analytics service offerings provide the perfect vehicle to evolve the prescriptive analytic capabilities and improve the security posture of your organization.